Dryer vent cleaning includes:

  1. Full cleaning of dryer vent from the dryer to the exhaust.
  2. Inspection  of vent connection and dryer machine.
  3. Camera inspection.
  4. CFM Check
  5. Pictures Before/After
one room does not get cold

Air Duct Cleaning includes:

  1. Cleaning of all supply vents.
  2. Cleaning of all return vents.
  3. Cleaning of main supply line.
  4. Cleaning of main return line.
  5. Sanitizing
  6. Filter check
  7. Pictures Before/After

Chimney Sweep includes:

  1. Prepare and seal a chamber before cleaning. Make sure ash would not flow back down into your house.
  2. Cleaning of chimney flue.
  3. Cleaning of chamber.
  4. Inspection of all chimney elements .
  5. Pictures Before/After.

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